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CCI has been awarded a project in Sioux Falls to replace a corroded sanitary forcemain via trenchless means. In order to minimize surface disruption and the restoration cost associated with a large scale open cut excavation, the Project engineer, HDR out of Sioux Falls, decided to use a sliplining pipe replacement method called Compression Fit Sliplining. Using a 37″ HDPE pipe as the replacement carrier pipe, CCI and their subcontractor, United Pipeline Services, will pull the pipe through rollers that temporarily reduces the outside diameter of the pipe while it is pulled through the “host” pipe. Once tension is removed, the carrier pipe will expand to its original size and connections and appurtenances can then be installed. The project will involve extensive traffic and pedestrian control, numerous concrete structures, air release valves, and horizontal bends, as well as dewatering and erosion control measures to successfully complete.



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