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Cape Girardeau Sanitary Sewer collection

CCI was recently awarded a large sewage collection project in the state of Missouri. For the better part of the last decade, the Cape Girardeau County Reorganized Common Sewer District and Strickland Engineering had been developing a sewage collection to consolidate several smaller sewer systems and a series of septic tanks into one efficient, and environmentally friendly, to service the areas surrounding Fruitland, Missouri. The resulting project, awarded to CCI for $19,378,000, includes;

30 Miles Gravity Sewer

13 Miles Sanitary Forcemain

16 Lift Stations

502 Concrete Manholes

450+ Sanitary Service Connections

Carstensen Contracting will attack this large project with several crews over the winter of 2020 and continue on through 2021, with final completion early in 2022. While portions of the project is through developed areas and streets, much of the job is rural, with stream crossings, forested areas, and areas of rock and groundwater.



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