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Praise for CCI Crews this Holiday Season

Carstensen Contracting’s project in Cape Girardeau, Missiouri has had its challenges, but continues towards yet another successful completion in 2022. With well over half of the anticipated 44 miles of sewer lines installed and several lift station online, CCI is well on schedule and poised to work through the winter months to complete and restore as much as possible. While our crews will take a couple well deserved weeks off during the holidays, we have received the following praise on their performance thus far from the project engineer Brian Strickland:

Carstensen has done a remarkable job this year on our project in Cape County. It has been exciting to watch what all has been accomplished.

Nate has kept this project moving through all of the material and delivery delays. I couldn’t ask for a better project manager.

JR is doing a great job here in Fruitland. I know that, because my phone is not ringing off the hook with complaints. He and the guys are representing you well here in Cape County. Oscar and the guys are to be commended for their hard work getting most of the pump stations nearly completed over the past month.

I look forward to the coming year. There is still a lot of work to accomplish, but it will be the most satisfying as we are able to get the customers connected to the new system.

Brian and the engineering crew of Strickland Engineering have been great as well, overcoming changing geological conditions, existing utility conflicts, and the myriad of issues that arise with a project of this size hand in hand with our construction crews. We look forward to another productive, safe, and prosperous year in Missouri!



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