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6,000 Miles and Counting

This previous construction season CCI installed its 6,000th mile of pipeline. Since becoming incorporated in 1995 Carstensen Contracting has installed pipe of numerous size and material through every soil condition imaginable throughout the central United States. From 2″ and 24″ water line in North Dakota to 30″ bar wrapped steel in Oklahoma, CCI has completed project after project, mile after mile, one stick or one roll of pipe at a time.

To put this milestone into perspective:

6,000 miles of pipeline equals 31,680,000 linear feet

Assuming an average bury depth of 6′ and trench width of 36″, over 6,000 miles CCI operators have moved (conservatively) 21,120,000 cubic yards of material

With an average single pipe length of 50′, 6,000 miles of pipe would include 633,600 pipe joints

On average Carstensen Contracting has installed 230 miles of pipeline per year

A 6,000 mile pipeline starting at our Dell Rapids, SD office would stretch East all the way to Liberia, or if headed West would make it into North Korea



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