Lewis and Clark Regional Water System

Carstensen Contracting Project

Starting in 2016 with 18.5 miles of welded steel treated water pipe, CCI has continued working with Lewis and Clark on several large diameter pipeline projects. Over the years CCI has installed:

33.5 Miles of 24″ Steel

22 Miles of 24″ PVC

13 Miles of 24″ Ductile Iron

4 Miles of 16″ PVC

Over 3 miles of Directional Bored 24″ pipeline, including a 1,800′ crossing of the Big Sioux river

5,000 feet of 30″ Steel Cased Auger Bores

Numerous Air Release Structures, Blowoffs, and Valve Vaults

All of the above has been completed with CCI’s well known attention to detail and quality, while taking extreme care to ensure all stakeholders of the project are happy with the projects progress and end result. CCI has enjoyed working alongside Lewis and Clark and the project engineer, Banner Associates, to help bring water to the region and looks forward to future projects coming soon.



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