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Lake Ralph Hall Segment 50

66” Welded Steel Pipe in North Texas

CCI has been awarded a large diameter steel pipeline project in Northwest Texas near Paris. The 6 miles of 66” welded steel raw water main is one of several segments under construction to transfer raw water from a newly created reservoir to the western outskirts of the Dallas Metro Area. Once again, CCI will be working hand in hand with Garney Construction (project CMAR) to install this high priority water line job. Although the project area is relatively “out in the open,” CCI will be heavily focused on keeping local landowners and project stakeholders satisfied with the construction progress and quality of restoration while minimizing the construction impact upon the local residents. The project will contain several open cut road crossings, cathodic protection systems, a large gate valve and vault, as well as the standard pipeline pressure testing and restoration,

CCI is thrilled to be working with Garney on another large project and is looking forward to working with the project owner; Upper Trinity Regional Water District, a very large and well run water provider in the Dallas area headquartered in Lewisville, TX.



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