Skyway Industrial Park – Pipestone, MN

Skyway Industrial Park was a new Industrial Development in the City of Pipestone. The city recognized the need for additional space to attract new businesses. Working with the city early on in the process, CCI recommended using a Concrete Alternate. This was first time the city had ever done a concrete paving project with the dowel bar transverse joints.

CCI constructed the Park’s underground infrastructure, as well as the 3/4 mile concrete pavement and 30” curb and gutter. One of the

biggest challenges for this project was the location of the city’s concrete supplier. Their plant was located on a road that was included in the paving project. To overcome this challenge, CCI worked with the concrete supplier to schedule construction activities so the concrete was always accessible out of the plant to the site. The project went smoothly and was successful. The city was very pleased with the outcome. 

Project was completed in June 2004.



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